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HE Pennypacker
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⁣Howard Gerald "Jerry" Clower (September 28, 1926 – August 24, 1998) was an American stand-up comedian. Born and raised in the state of Mississippi, Clower was best known for his stories of the rural South and was given the nickname "The Mouth of Mississippi".

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⁣A man named Dr Isaiah Rubinstein claims the helixes that make up our DNA seem to be held together by a series of sulfur bonds BETWEEN the base pairs (GCAT) that constitute your genetic code. And that these bonds are not randomly placed or evenly placed. But, there’s a sulfur bond, then 10 base pairs , then another sulfur bond, then 5 base pairs, another bond, then 6 base pairs, another bond, then 5 base pairs before the pattern repeats itself. 10–5–6–5-10–5–6–5-10–5–6–5… over and over, holding our DNA together.

This means nothing to native English speakers, of course, because we use Latin letters and Arabic numerals. But Hebrew uses letters as their numbers. Aleph is both the first letter of the alephbet, and the first number. The number 10 is a Yohd. 5 is a He. 6 is a Vav (or Waw, if you have an Arabic dialect). 5 again is a He.

10–5–6–5, your DNA held together with God’s signature יהוה over and over.

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⁣What does Gen-Z think about Jesus? We gathered nine strangers – many of whom don't identify with any particular faith – and asked them to binge watch The Chosen and give us their unfiltered feedback. This is the result.

HE Pennypacker
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What a wonderful story. Please listen and please share.

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⁣It's puzzled me for months why the highest IQ group of people on earth (Ashkenazi Jews) have near 100% jab compliance. And seemingly without coercion. I would love to know your thoughts.