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Nail in the seat

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Original Video. Follow ⁣ on TikTok

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French journalist: Wy is American unemplyment lower that that of France
Trump: Maybe we have a better President than you do

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Masterful troll at Twitter headquarters as Elon Musk fires leftist employees.

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Trump & Son

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Kudos to the creator

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Great stuff!!

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Don't hold back.

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Somebody sent this video to me and I finally found the guy that made it.
Alex Morrison Comedy
Check out his Facebook page ⁣
Youtube Channel ⁣

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Monty Python transgenderism skit

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If you haven't learned this by the time you become a adult, and more importantly, a senior citizen, you might be a moron.

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Crazy Funny!!

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Well, it's happening again.

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Classic Jeff Dunham Jan 2021

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Introducing ventriloquist extrodinare, Jeff Dunham!!

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Please share and TRIGGER a nutcase!!

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Waiter: Ok, Diet Coke, and what will you be having for your entree

BLM Activist: I will have a left hook with a side of wet pavement.

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I've did one coin before, but never 5. Very cool trick.

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Brawl Of The Century

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Yeah, he did it

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Brawl at Stokedale, AZ Bath and Body Works

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No truer story has ever been told.

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Cow jumps in pool, cow dunks dog, cowboy wheelies his horse. ENJOY!

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⁣SNL breaks their 25 year unfunny streak

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Awesome dude on the street mack trolls MSNBC by holding up a Let's Go Brandon flag during live braodcast.

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These smug globalist pricks are scum of the earth. There is absolutely nothing elite about them.

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Dad pulls the troll of the century on Joe Biden, while his dog licks his balls and the First Lady gets pissed.

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