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News Channel 6 Wichita Falls School Board Meeting -- James Kelly King

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James King
James King
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⁣Here's the background. Wichita Falls High School (my alma mater and WE call it Old High) was the first high school in town. We had won so many State football championships we were tied for the most with one other school. But our school board decided to not just close our school but our decades long city rival, Rider HS... so they could build two new high schools at extreme ends of the city (no doubt becuz the land was cheaper at those locations)... and GUT the legacies of BOTH schools by giving the elementary school kids a vote on new mascots for the new schools. We LOVE our football here. In fact we built the first HS AstroTurf football stadium in the state. But think about not only the cost of replacing band uniforms and athletes' but just driving to and from these out of the way locations for every student or just the expense of busing to them. We citizens are already 'enjoying' the fracturous tax increases these 2 new structures have brought up on us. In fact, I look down streets ALL OVER TOWN and see MANY homes up for sale because people are leaving in droves. My understanding is that NONE of the current school board members went to our schools and NONE OF THEM are from here.

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