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The Most Important Man In Wrestling History

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Rasslin Archive
Rasslin Archive

Vincent Kennedy McMahon has lived a life unparalleled. As the head of WWE, Mr. McMahon has taken what life has thrown at him and flourished, bringing with it all the financial and emotional rewards one might expect for a billionaire. This video looks at Vince McMahon's debut in pro wrestling. Wrestlemania 1 and the formation of the WWF. To why the WBF failed and Vince McMahon's relationship with Hulk Hogan. Through the attitude era and Stone-Cold Steve Austin. and all of Vincent McMahon's scandals and secrets.

Through the failed XFL, WWF New York and Playboy, The Montreal Screwjob and the death of Owen Hart. Vince McMahon's career has also had it's missteps. Through sexual scandals, McMahon family disputes and legal court cases.

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For more follow DWP on Instagram and twitter @dodwrestlepod. Wrestle Pod aims to provide insight via this video series into the world of professional wrestling. DWP will look at the historic side of the squared circle, from wrestling move inceptions, iconic performers' careers and even the darker side of the wrestling industry. Attempting to shine a light on some of the more interesting events in wrestling’s past. As well as weekly coverage of topics covering modern promotion such as WWE, AEW, NJPW, ROH and several British wrestling brands (with highlights, predictions, reviews) and more. All footage in this video courtesy of ITV & ITV Box Office, Sky Sports, The Fite App, All Elite Wrestling, WWE, Impact Wrestling, Ring Of Honor & New Japan Pro Wrestling. If you believe you are due credit in this video please get in touch.

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